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Denials Detail Report

This report provides a detailed breakdown of claim denials for the designated reporting period. It includes the posting date, adjustment type, denial reason, service date, procedure, credited provider, service location, payer, charges, and denied amount.  Customization options allow a practice to track denials by date, provider, insurance company, patient, and more. 

arrow_orange.jpgTo access and customize the Denials Detail Report

1. Click Reports in the top menu and select Payments  > Denials Detail.
2. Select your options to customize, download, print, or save the report. (See below.)

Denials Detail Report.png

  1. Dates: Click the drop-down arrow to select a reporting period.
  • Custom
  • Today
  • Month to Date
  • Quarter to Date
  • Year to Date
  • Last Year
  • Previous Month
  • Previous 6 Months
  • Previous 12 Months
  1. From / To: Enter a precise reporting period.
  2. Customize: Click to select additional report filtering options.
  3. Click to save the report or set up a subscription to receive automatic delivery at a time you designate. 
  4. Additional actions:
  • Print: Print the current version of the report.
  • Excel: Save the report to your computer as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • PDF: Download the report as a PDF.
  • Find: Search by keyword to find a specific item.
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