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Build Custom Reports

Add-In for Microsoft Excel

The Desktop Application (PM) offers a self-service Microsoft Excel Add-in for System Administrators to create customized reports. The Add-in allows you to use Microsoft Excel to analyze your data and build custom reports. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel's use of filters, formulas, pivot tables and graphs is required to use this Add-in.

With the Add-in for Microsoft Excel, you'll be able to:

  • Retrieve records from five different types of data including appointments, charges, patients, providers, and transactions
  • Select fields to return from a list that includes all of the available fields for each type of data
  • Enter query parameters to limit the data returned by date range or other custom criteria

Once your data is retrieved and loaded into Excel, you'll be able to:

  • Filter your data by advanced criteria
  • Sort the rows of your data by any field
  • Group and subtotal rows by any field
  • Build advanced reports using PivotTables
  • Create graphs to analyze your data
  • Print your data in custom formats

To get started, review the Add-In for Microsoft Excel help article for system requirements and instructions on how to download, activate, and configure the security settings to begin building your custom reports.

Looking for More?

For information about customizing reports already available in the Desktop Application (PM), review the Customize Reports help article.


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