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Diagnosis Code Pointer1 must be present. 2400.SV1*07-1


Rejection Message

Diagnosis Code Pointer1 must be present. 2400.SV1*07-1

Rejection Details

This rejection has three possible causes:

  1. The service line does not contain at least one diagnosis
  2. A diagnosis code is listed more than once on a service line 
  3. There is an empty diagnosis cell before Diag 2, Diag 3, or Diag 4 on a service line


Follow the instructions below to edit the diagnosis codes listed on an encounter:

  1. Click Encounters > Track Claim Status. The Find Claim window opens.
  2. Look for and double-click on the encounter that needs correcting. The Edit Claim window opens.
  3. Double-click on the Encounter number.  The Edit Encounter window opens.
  4. To add a diagnosis code:
    1. Click the Diag 1 cell.
    2. Search for and select the a valid diagnosis code.
  5. To delete a duplicate diagnosis:
    1. Select the diagnosis and click Delete on your keyboard.
  6. To update the order of the diagnosis codes:
    1. Click on the empty Diag cell and enter the diagnosis code entered in the following column.
    2. Double-click into the following Diag cell and click the "Delete" key on your keyboard to remove the duplicate.
    3. Repeat as necessary until the empty Diag cell is furthest to the right.
  7. Click Save & Rebill.

Then, resubmit all affected claims.