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Resend Failed eFax Referral

Updated: 06/09/2023|Views: 3495

Using eFax for referrals is an easy and secure way to transmit and receive patient data. The flexibility of eFax provides greater productivity and allows you to easily share important patient documentation with other providers. If an eFax fails, send the fax agains from the Referrals page.

Access Referrals

  • Hover over the Clinical icon and select Referrals. The Referrals page opens.

Resend Failed eFax Referral

  1. Click the detail icon of the eFax with the failed status. The Referral Details page opens.
  2. Verify the name of the Recipient, Fax Number, and Speciality is correct. If necessary, enter or select the correct information.
  3. Click Resend eFax. The referral is faxed and the status updates to Sending.
  4. Refresh the Referrals page and verify the eFax successfully sent.
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