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Navigate Flowsheets Settings

Updated: 12/22/2023|Views: 1371

Flowsheets give providers a holistic view of their patient’s key data over time, allowing them to analyze progress and deliver the right type of care.

Providers has the option to use Standard Flowsheets to track certain chronic health conditions (i.e., diabetes or hypertension) or build their own flowsheets with the type of data and layout that makes sense for their practice.

Access Flowsheets Settings

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings. The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Clinical on the left menu. Additional setting options expands.
  3. Click Flowsheets. The Flowsheets page opens.

Navigate Flowsheet Settings

  1. Active Standard Flowsheets: See all available active standard flowsheets in alphabetical order.
  2. Inactive Standard Flowsheets: Click to view deactivated standard flowsheets or activate a flowsheet.
  3. Active Custom Flowsheets: See all available flowsheets created by a System Administrator or a Provider of the practice.
    • Click on the name of the flowsheet to view which items the flowsheet displays.
    • Click the more option icon to edit, duplicate, or deactivate a flowsheet.
  4. Inactive Custom Flowsheets: Click to view deactivated custom flowsheets or activate a flowsheet.
  5. Create: Click to create a new flowsheet.
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