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Competitive Insights

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 89

The Competitive Insights dashboard allows for practices to see a better story of how they are performing within their specific market by showing up-to-date scores for each distinct ‘Success Factor’. These scores are contextualized to show how the practice compares to their market and includes in-depth explanations on how any problem areas are affecting their performance. The feature also provides recommendations and actionable guidance on ways the practice can improve their performance (i.e. add new content, send patient surveys, etc.)

Target Audience

Practices that are looking for in-depth insights into their performance to see how well they are doing, as well as the areas that could use more attention, to increase their competitiveness in their unique market. A practice’s Customer Success Manager will also utilize this feature to better understand how to help Practice Growth practices meet their goals.

How it Works

  1. After navigating to the “Competitive Insights” tab under “Insights” in the Practice Growth Portal, the user will be presented current performance scores for the practice per each category: Review Count, Content, Links, and Website Technology.
  2. The user can select “How to read the chart” to gain additional insight into what each score and chart means.
    • Breakdown of how each Success Factor score is represented:
      • The middle number represents the practice’s score is in that category
      • The circle on the chart correlates to where the score sits compared to the market of the practice
      • The bottom right number represents where the highest performer in that category lands while the bottom left number represents where the lowest performer in that category lands
      • The chart is split into three sections (Red, Yellow, and Green) which represent how similar practices are performing in that category:
        • Red = Bottom 20% of the category
        • Yellow = Middle 60% of the category
        • Green = Top 20% of the category
  3. Results can be filtered based on specialties or locations for your practice
  4. Each Success Factor score includes a CTA button.
    • The text and color of the button will be associated with their current score for that category:
      • A score in the bottom 20% will say “Needs Attention”
      • A score in the middle 60% will say “Improve This”
      • A score in the top 20% will say “Stay on Track”
  5. Selecting the CTA will open a modal with more context, a recommendation based on the current score in the category, and a CTA button that will navigate the user to the related page in the portal (eg ‘Go to Review’ will open the Reputation tab to send out patient surveys, ‘Go to Content’ will open the Content Editing page to add or update content, etc).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if I do not see a score in a category?

If you do not see a score, you will either see a zero state or error state card. The zero state card means that we do not have data for this customer on this particular factor. The error state means that there was a problem obtaining the data, and the user will be directed to contact customer support.

How quickly does a score change after a user takes action to address it?

This depends on a range of factors including what other competitors are doing within the market. This tool should be monitored over time, rather than a 1-and-done fix.

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