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Content Publish History

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 136

Publish History will allow users in the portal to view previous versions of website content in any of the content editors. The history will show up to 100 previously saved or published versions of any given piece of content, such as a service or a provider content page. Users can browse previous versions of content, view that version for reference, or restore the version to then save or publish it to the website.

How it Works    

  1. To view Publish History, navigate to Content under the Website tab in your Practice Growth Portal
  2. Select a content page
  3. In the right panel , Click the “Version History” tab
    • Saved and Published versions will appear in a list, with the latest version at the top
  4. To view a previous version, click the date of the version you wish to view
  5. A modal will appear with the content and Advanced SEO values from the version
  6. To restore the version, click “Restore Version”. The current content fields in the center panel will be replaced by those in the restored version.
  7. Browse through the versions by using the Next and Previous buttons in the modal, or close the modal and click another version in the list.
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