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Create, Add, Update User Profile

Updated: 06/22/2023|Views: 423

Create a new user account

  1. In the practice portal select the gear icon. The Practice Settings page will open.
  2. Navigate to Practice > Team. A list of current team members loads.
  3. Select the + button, upper-right corner of the page. The add new account modal opens.
  4. Enter name and email address, the select Send Invite. A message will be sent to the email address with a single-use password to sign in to the practice portal.

Once you sign in, you can update their phone number and profile image under My Profile to self-manage your account.

Update My Profile

  1. Go to the profile menu and select My Profile. The profile settings page opens.
  2. Add or edit your email name (first and last), email address, profile image, and mobile number.
  3. Select Save. The button will show a saving animation.

The email address will be used for both account sign in and email notifications. If an email different from the account email was added in the past, that email address will no longer receive notifications.


Can I delete accounts from the portal?

Not yet.

Can I resend the invite to a new account?

Not yet. Coming soon.

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