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Data Entry Tips

Updated: 03/04/2020
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Follow the recommended data entry guidelines to maintain consistency throughout your Kareo records (e.g., patients, providers) and to aid in searches of your data. To also help speed data entry, use Kareo's shortcut features.  

Data Entry Guidelines

Below are recommended guidelines and tips for entering data in the Desktop Application (PM).

  • Enter names as first name, middle name/initial, last name (e.g., John L. Davidson) and suffixes at the end (e.g., Robert B. Davis Sr.).
  • Spell last names such as McCormack or DeLaTorres as a single name with no spaces.
Mailing Addresses
  • To comply with US Mail Standards, if there is insufficient room on the first address line to enter an Apt. or Bldg. number, enter the Apt. or Bldg. number on the first line and street address on the second line.
  • Spell out street names when space allows it. Primary street suffixes (e.g., St., Ave., Rd.) and directional words (e.g., N, NE) can be abbreviated.
  • Enter Post Office Box as P.O. Box or PO Box.
  • For more details about address guidelines, visit United States Postal Service site.
Punctuation and Characters
  • Use upper and lowercase letters when entering new data (e.g., Healing Corner).
  • Enter acronyms in all uppercase letters without periods (e.g., HC Company).
  • Remain consistent when using periods in data entry fields such as middle initials or street addresses.
  • Use the forward slash to separate month, day, and year (e.g., 3/15/2020).
  • Use a period (.) instead of a colon (:), asterisk (*), or tilde (~) in any data entry field as those characters may cause issues with processing claims or patient statements. 

Data Entry Shortcuts

Use the following shortcut features in the Desktop Application (PM) to help speed data entry. 

Auto-Fill At a drop-down menu field such as a patient's Marital Status, enter the first letter of an option (e.g., M for Married) in the menu then press Tab on the keyboard to enter it and advance to the next field. If two or more menu options begin with the same letter, use the arrow keys to select the appropriate one then press Tab to advance to the next field.
Quick Select In a data field such as a patient's Primary Care Physician or Default Rendering Provider, enter the first or last name of the physician and press Enter on the keyboard. If Kareo finds a match, it will auto-populate the field. 
Auto-Complete In any Address field, use the automatic city/state lookup feature. Enter a one or two-line street address, press the Space bar on the keyboard and enter the zip code (e.g., 3353 Michelson Dr. 92612). Then, press Tab on the keyboard to advance to the next field and Kareo will automatically complete the address with the city and state information.
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