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Data Search Tips

Updated: 03/04/2020
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Follow the recommended data search tips not only to easily find records (e.g., patients, providers) but to also quickly locate them when they need to be associated to new records such as appointments or encounters.  

Data Search Tips

Quickly find records within the Desktop Application (PM) by using the following search tips. 


In the search list window (e.g., Find Patient, Find Provider):

  • Use a single keyword when searching for a person's name such as their first name or last name (whichever is least common).
  • If the spelling of the name is unknown, enter a partial name. This will return a list of names that includes the letter combination entered. e.g., Entering "Dav", may return Davidson, Davinport, Davis, and McDavid. 

Use the Quick Select feature:

  • To locate a patient record, enter the patient's first or last name in the Patient Search Box on the top Toolbar then press Enter on your keyboard. If Kareo finds a match, it will open the record. If there is more than one match, the Find Patient window opens with a list of matching names. 
  • When creating new records (e.g., patients, appointments, encounters), instead of searching the list to populate certain data fields such as PatientPhysician or Provider, enter the first or last name in the field then press Tab on your keyboard. If Kareo finds a match, it will auto-populate the field. 

When searching a zip code, Social Security number or phone number:

  • Enter a full or partial number string (without symbols such as hyphens and forward slashes).

When searching a procedure or diagnosis code:

  • Enter a full or partial number to return a list of all codes that include the number sequence entered.
  • Enter a full or partial descriptive word. When possible, enter abbreviated names as they may also be abbreviated in the list. e.g., Entering "Consult" would return all procedures that have both Consult and Consultation in the Official Name.


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