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Change Existing Electronic Payer to Workers' Compensation

Updated: 07/07/2020
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You can easily update an existing payer to use an electronic Workers' Compensation insurance company connection through Jopari. Through Kareo's clearinghouse connection with Jopari, you can set up a Workers' Compensation insurance company:

  • To submit electronic claims directly to payers that support electronic claims submission.
  • As an ePaper Payer (also known as "drop-to-paper") for payers that do not support electronic claim submission. This unique option allows your practice to submit claims electronically to Jopari where they will printed and mailed to the payer when ready. There is no charge for the electronic submission, however, an additional fee (of 90 cents for the first page and 20 cents for each additional page) applies for Jopari to print and mail the claim to the payer. 

Important Notes:

  • If you wish to print and mail claims to a Workers' Compensation insurance company that does not support electronic claim submission, you can set the payer up as paper-based insurance company
  • Jopari does not support Kareo clearinghouse reports. Upon claim acceptance, you will receive acknowledgement from the clearinghouse. Claim denials are mailed to you directly from the insurance company.

Change the Payer to Workers' Compensation

  1. Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Insurance Companies window opens.
    Note: The Insurance Companies window is also known as the Enrollments Dashboard.
  2. Find and click the insurance company name. The General tab of the Edit Insurance Company window opens by default.
  1. Click the Insurance Program drop-down arrow to select WC - Workers Compensation Health Claim
  2. Click the Electronic Claims tab. 
  1. Click the Clearinghouse drop-down arrow and select Jopari (WC and Auto Only). The confirmation pop-up appears. 
  2. Click Yes to confirm the change. The Electronic Payer Connection and Clearinghouse Payer ID fields are cleared.
  3. Click Electronic Payer Connection. The Select Electronic Payer Connection through Jopari window opens.
  1. Look for all or part of the insurance company name. 
  2. Click Find Now
  3. Find and double click the insurance company. The Electronic Claims tab reopens and the selected payer name and ID display. 
  1. Click Save (or click the Practice Settings tab to review and configure the settings). The Edit Insurance Company window closes and the change is saved.