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Tebra Help Center

Document Viewer

When viewing a document in the document viewer, you can adjust the view in various ways. See below for the document viewing tools.

Document Viewer.jpg

  1. Click to zoom in and out of the document. You can also zoom in and out using your keyboard: Press and hold the Ctrl key (the cursor to a magnifying glass), then click on the left mouse button to zoom in or click the right mouse button to zoom out.
  2. Click to fit the full page within the document viewer.
  3. Click to rotate the document by 90 degrees.
  4. Click to view the document in full screen mode. To exit full screen mode, click Full Screen again.
  5. Click to view next page. Single arrow jumps to next or previous page, double arrow jumps to beginning or end of the document. To advance to a specific page, type page number in the page number box and press Enter on your keyboard.
  6. When the document is larger than the viewing area, the cursor changes to the hand tool; press and hold with left mouse button to move the page around in any direction.
  7. When the document page is larger than the viewing area, use the scroll bars to move the page up or down and left or right.
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