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Payer Not Listed when Transferring Claim Balance

Updated: 03/29/2022
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There may be an issue with the insurance policy information (e.g., inactive policy) if a specific payer is not available for selection when attempting to transfer a claim balance.

Verify Insurance Policy Information

Follow the below steps to verify the insurance policy information associated with the claim and payer. 

  1. Find the claim with the balance that needs to be transferred then double click to open it. The Edit Claim window opens.
  2. Double click the Case name. The Edit Case window opens.
  1. Under the Insurance section, double click the payer the balance needs to be transferred to. The Insurance Policy window opens.
    • If the payer is not listed, the policy may have expired. To also display inactive policies, click to select "Show expired policies". 
  1. Verify the following information.
    • The Effective Start and End dates cover the service date(s). If not, confirm the policy coverage dates and enter the correct dates.
    • The "Active" checkbox is selected. If not, click to select "Active" if the policy should be an active policy.
  2. When finished, click Save at the bottom of each relevant window until it is no longer available.


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