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Release Notes December 2023

Updated: 12/13/2023|Views: 2978

On December 14, 2023, your Tebra account will be upgraded to the latest version.


Billing General Improvements

  • 2024 Annual Code Update: Tebra was updated with the new code sets that go into effect January 1, 2024. Visit the CMS website for more general information about the HCPCS and Fee Schedules.
    • HCPCS Level I and II
    • Medicare Fee Schedule (RVU, GPCI, Locality and Conversion Factor)
  • The claim level adjustment code sets, Claims Adjustment Reason Code (CARC) and Remittance Advice Remark Code (RARC), were updated.


Clinical General Improvements

  • The practice can now document a patient's allergy to certain drug classes (e.g., product containing aspirin) to trigger applicable drug-allergy interaction warnings.

Clinical Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where refill requests approved by the provider did not reach the pharmacy and the medication was marked as discontinued in the patient's chart


Platform Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue where unable to access the Dashboard
  • Fixed an issue where users experience a continuous loading icon when attempting to access the patient's upcoming appointments

Practice Growth

Reputation Management

At Tebra, we are dedicated to ensuring your practice's success. To align with recent FTC guidelines and maintain compliance, we are introducing a new workflow to our Reputation Management solution. The objective is to provide clear guidelines for managing patient reviews, fostering authenticity, trust, and validity. We believe in nurturing a transparent patient experience that generates positive word-of-mouth referrals.

In the revised flow, we will encourage patients to share private feedback or leave public-facing reviews instead of routing reviews solely based on initial sentiment. Rest assured, patients will still receive feedback requests after their appointments with no additional requirements on your practice’s end.

Tebra Payments

Payouts Summary Report

Tebra Payments activated customers now have the ability to run payouts reports to validate and reconcile payment activity. System Administrators, Business Managers, and Billers can filter, sort, view, and manage payout information, including net amounts and fees. Additionally, the payouts report can be exported as a CSV file with the selected filtering and/or sorting.

Access Payouts 
  • Hover over the Analytics icon and click on Payouts. The Payouts page opens.
Navigate Payouts Summary
  1. Refresh Data: Click to refresh the report data.
  2. Download CSV: Click to download the report as a CSV file.
  3. Filter: By default all payouts displays. To customize the start and end date, enter or select a specific date range.
    • To reset the report back to the default filters and sorting, click Reset Filters.
  4. Columns:
    • To sort by ascending or descending, hover over the column header and click the arrow.
    • To unsort, pin, hide or manage columns, hover over the column header and click the more options icon.
  5. Payout Summary:
    • Date: Displays the date the payout was made.
    • Bank Account: Displays the account type and the last four digits of the account number the payout was deposited to.
    • Trace ID: Displays the trace identifier (ID) of the payout.
      Note: Provide the bank the trace ID to troubleshoot issues (e.g., missing payment).
      • To copy the ID, hover over the Trace ID and click on the Trace ID. The Trace ID is copied to the clipboard.
    • Transactions: Displays the amount of transactions included in the payout.
    • Gross Charges: Displays the total transactions amount before fees.
    • Fees: Displays the amount of fees deducted from the gross charges (total transactions amount).
    • Net Payout: Displays the payout amount deposited into the account.
  6. Pagination: By default, each page displays up to 20 payouts.
    • To change how many payouts are displayed per page, click the Rows per page drop-down and select 10, 20, 50, or 100.
    • To navigate forward or back, click the arrows.

Tebra Payments Resolved Issues

  • Fixed an issue for Tebra Payments activated practices where the full patient balance was erroneously charged when processing a partial payment
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