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Navigate Unsigned Notes

Updated: 12/22/2023|Views: 2976

The Unsigned Notes Dashboard provides System Administrators visibility into unsigned clinical notes in the practice. The dashboard displays all the unsigned clinical notes in the practice, broken down by provider or users, allowing System Administrators to monitor and proactively reach out to providers who need to complete and sign their notes.


  • Unsigned Notes is only accessible to users with a System Administrator role.
  • Non-clinical notes (e.g., Office Form, Memo to Record, etc.) are not included in Unsigned Notes. Individual providers and users can access Open Notes to view all of their open notes.

Access Unsigned Notes

  • Hover over the Reporting icon and click on Unsigned Notes. The Unsigned Notes page opens.
    Note: The Reporting icon is only accessible for users with a System Administrator role.

Navigate Unsigned Notes

  1. Download CSV: Click to download the unsigned notes report as a CSV file.
  2. Filters: By default, all unsigned notes displays.
    • To change the filters, enter a Visit Start and Visit End date range or click the drop-downs.
      • Provider: Click to select one or more providers with unsigned clinical notes.
      • Patient: Click to select a patient with unsigned clinical notes.
      • Status: Click to select a status.
      • Note Type: Click to select a note type.
    • To reset the filters back to all unsigned notes, click Reset Filters.
  3. Columns:
    • To sort by ascending or descending, hover over the column and click the arrow.
    • To pin, unsort, hide or manage columns, hover over the column and click the more options icon.
  4. Unsigned Note Details: Displays the assigned Provider, Patient Name, Visit Date, Status, and Note Type of the unsigned clinical note.
  5. Pagination: By default, each page displays up to 20 notes.
    • To change how many notes are displayed per page, click the Rows per page drop-down and select 10, 20, 50, or 100.
    • To navigate forward or back, click the arrows.
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