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Process an eLab Order

Updated: 07/11/2024|Views: 11483

After a provider has prepared an eLab order and assigned it to another user in the practice, the lab will appear on the user’s Dashboard. When processing an eLab order, you will select the lab facility, patient diagnosis, the test(s) you want performed, and the priority.

Tebra has two lab experiences based on when the practice enrolled for electronic labs. If this help article does not reflect the lab experience for your practice, review Process eLab Order.

Access eLab Order

Before getting started, learn how to navigate the eLab create order window and set up your eLab preferences for faster processing.

  1. Hover over the Clinical icon and click on Labs/Studies. The Labs/Studies page opens.
  2. Click Pending. Pending lab orders displays.
  3. Click Create eLab. The Create Order pop-up window opens.

Process eLab Order

  1. Select the lab the order will be sent to.
    Note: If the lab does not appear in the list, it is not set up as an eLab partner with the practice.
  2. Click to select test(s) in the Preferred Test List. The test(s) is added to the order.
    • If necessary, search for and select the test by Name or Order Code.
  3. Populate necessary information for the order:
    • Draw Date/Time: Enter the draw date and time.
    • Ordering Physician: Click to select the physician.
    • Draw at Service Center: Click to select if blood will be drawn at an offsite lab facility.
    • CC: Click to search for and select another provider to receive results for this lab.
    • Bill To: The lab order is billed to the responsible party listed on the patient’s chart (e.g., insurance). Click to change the responsible party, if desired.
    • Comment: Click to add an optional comment or instruction for the lab.
  4. Click Place Order. A confirmation pop-up window opens.
  5. Click Yes - Place this order now. The lab order is sent electronically to the lab.
    • If "Print" was selected, the browser's printer function opens to generate a hard copy of the lab and an ABN for Medical patients.

Test results will transmit electronically from the lab to the practice. Results display in the Labs/Studies and in the patient's chart with a status of Results Ready. Once results are received, they're ready for the provider to review and sign.

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