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Complete Care Checklist

Updated: 01/17/2024|Views: 2910

The Care Checklist helps document important information required for regulatory requirements. Clinical dynamically generates a list of preventative screenings and exams based on the patient's age, medical history, vitals, and problem list. The Care Checklist must be completed the same day as the visit and before the note is signed.

Access Care Checklist

  1. Create a new clinical note or open an existing clinical note.
  2. Click Care Checklist. The Patient Care Checklist for Current Note page opens.

Complete Care Checklist

  1. Select the status for each available measure:
    • Completed: Mark the measure as completed and select a result.
    • Not Completed: Mark the measure as not completed.
    • Excepted: Mark the measure as excepted and select a reason.
  2. Click Save and Return to Note. The Care Checklist close and returns to the clinical note.
  3. Continue with patient care.

View saved items in the Care Checklist History.

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