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Flowsheets (Mobile App)

Updated: 06/09/2023|Views: 1149

Assess a patient's health progress by reviewing historical observations and comparing them with the most recent values. This will provide providers the ability to quickly identify areas of concern and make necessary adjustments to the care plan.

Access Flowsheet

  1. Log into the mobile app.
  2. Access a Patient Chart.
  3. Tap on Flowsheets. The Flowsheets screen opens.
  4. Tap on a flowsheet to view. The flowsheet screen opens.
    Note: Standard and Custom Flowsheets are available for selection.
  5. By default, the date range is set to 1 year.
    • To change the date range, tap on a different pre-set date range or tap on Custom to set a date range.
  6. Tap the arrows to view additional data.
  7. Tap on a row to display a graph with all data for the select date range.
  8. Tap on the full screen icon to view the graph in full screen landscape mode.

View Flowsheet

Data in the flowsheet is populated from recorded vitals, discrete paper lab results, or eLab results using specific LOINC codes.

If vitals or lab observations have multiple values for the same day, the results will stack. It will be ordered from most recent on top to oldest on the bottom.

See Adult Preventative Care Flowsheet, Diabetes Flowsheet, Hypertension Flowsheet, or Vitals Flowsheet to learn how the data is populated.


Example Full Screen Graph View


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