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Collect Copay or Payment (Mobile App)

Updated: 06/23/2023|Views: 3770

For Patient Collect (Stripe) activated practices, the Collect Payment feature provides an easy way to record or swipe a card to post patient payments for copays and outstanding account balances.

This feature is available for Billing subscribers.

Note: For Tebra Payments activated practices, collect payment is not available for the Mobile app.

Initiate Collect Payment

  1. Log into the mobile application.
  2. Tap the Platform icon. The menu displays.
  3. Tap Patients. The Patients screen opens.
  4. Search for and tap on the patient. The Patient Chart screen opens.
  5. Tap on the patient information. The patient's information displays.
  6. Tap Collect Payment. The Collect Payment screen opens.

Collect Payment

  1. By default, the Payment Amount field is populated with the Total Account Balance. If necessary, enter a different payment amount.
  2. To enter additional details about the payment (e.g., date of service), tap Payment Note. This note is only visible to the practice and does not print on the patient receipt.
  3. By default, the Payment Type is set to Credit Card (Electronic).
    • To record a credit card payment that has already been processed or a cash/check payment, tap the Payment Type and select the payment type.
      Note: If this option is selected, the payment will not be processed through Stripe. 
  4. Select how to process a Credit Card payment:
    • To use a saved patient payment card, tap the saved card.
    • To capture a new credit card number, tap Scan Credit Card. The device's camera opens to scan the card and populate the corresponding fields.
    • To manually enter a new card, populate the Name on Card, Card Number, Expiration Date, and three-digit CVC code.
      • To save the new credit card on file, tap the Save Card toggle.
  5. Tap Charge when finished. The receipt opens.


Provide the receipt to the patient once the charge is complete.

Note: The payment processed through the mobile application shows as an Unapplied Payment until it's applied to the patient's account in the Desktop Application.

  1. To email the receipt to the patient, tap the envelope icon and enter the patient's email address.
  2. To print the receipt, tap the printer icon and follow the prompts.