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Confirm Tentative Appointments

Updated: 01/05/2024|Views: 4678

Patients can request an appointment through the practice online scheduler or the provider profile page. Confirm the requested appointment to schedule the patient on the provider's calendar.

Available for Engage subscribers.

Access Tentative Appointments

  • On the Dashboard, click Tentative Appointments. The Appointment Statues page opens.

Confirm Appointment

For Telehealth subscribers, the patient's appointment preference displays under the requested appointment date and time to help practices quickly identify requested telehealth appointments.

  1. If necessary, filter the appointments by Provider or Location.
    Note: Only providers with Engage activated are available for selection.
  2. Click Review. The Confirm Appointment Request pop-up window opens.
  1. Verify the appointment does not have scheduling conflicts.
    • If there is a conflict, click View Conflict for additional details and proceed as necessary.
  2. Review the request. Then, select a Visit Reason based on the Note from Patient. The Duration updates to the duration set for the selected visit reason.
    Note: The Appointment Type defaults to the patient's preferred appointment.
  3. To send patient intake forms, click the Select additional forms drop-down arrow to select which form(s) to send. By default, patient intake will be sent to the patient's email on file.
    • To change the email, click the Edit icon and enter the new email.
    • To remove the option to send the patient intake via email, click to clear "Email to".
    • To send the patient intake via SMS, click to select "Send SMS".
  4. Click Confirm Appointment when finished. The patient receives an appointment confirmation email.
    • To decline the appointment request, click Decline Appointment.