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Dispute Chargebacks

Updated: 09/15/2023|Views: 356

A chargeback may occur after a transaction is processed with Tebra Payments. Chargebacks occur when a cardholder disputes a transaction and contacts their card-issuing bank to reverse the transaction. The disputed funds will be held from you until the cardholder’s bank can investigate the issue.

Chargeback Process Overview

  1. A cardholder disputes a transaction with their card-issuing bank.
  2. Tebra receives the dispute.
  3. Tebra debits the chargeback amount and related chargeback fee of $15 from the practice's account.
  4. Tebra emails the primary point of contact to inquire if the practice wants to accept or dispute the chargeback.
    • If the practice or billing company accepts the chargeback, Tebra will not dispute the chargeback and the money will not be returned to the practice's account.

Dispute Chargeback

If the practice or billing company would like to dispute the chargeback, Tebra will handle the chargeback dispute and charge the practice a $15 chargeback representment fee. During the chargeback investigation process, Tebra may reach out to request additional information that will help the bank reach a decision on the dispute.


Provide Tebra with the following documents to help dispute a chargeback:

  • Proof of service: A receipt or a record of the encounter with the cardholder's name.
  • Card authorization: Documentation that states the practice is authorized to charge the card, ideally with the cardholder's signature. Tebra provides a Credit Card Authorization Form that can be used when saving a patient's card on file.

Bank Decision

Regardless of the bank’s decision, the $15 chargeback fee and the $15 chargeback representment fee still apply. Refer to the Pricing Policy for additional information.

  • If the bank rules against you, the debited money will not be returned to the practice's account and the practice will be charged a $15 chargeback representment fee. If you do not agree with the bank's ruling, you may choose to go into arbitration.
  • If the bank rules in your favor, you are given the funds, less the $15 chargeback representment fee.
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