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Collect Patient Payment (Tebra Payments)

Updated: 04/17/2024|Views: 6191

The Collect Patient Payment feature offers a simplified patient payment process that allows practices to record, post, and provide a patient payment receipt for copays and outstanding account balances. Activate Tebra Payments to process credit/debit card payments.

This feature is available for Billing subscribers.

Note: For Patient Collect (Stripe) activated practices, review Collect Copay or Payment or Stripe Terminal: Collect Patient Payment.

Initiate Payment

A patient payment can be collected from various locations in Tebra: the patient's appointment on the Dashboard, the patient's Facesheet, the patient's Account tab, etc. It is recommended to collect the payment from the Dashboard to display the amount collected today on the patient's appointment card.  

  1. Hover over the Platform icon and click on Dashboard. The Dashboard opens.
  2. Click on the appointment to view the appointment card.
  3. Click More Options and select Collect Payment. The Collect a Payment page opens.

Collect Payment 

  1. Verify patient details, review outstanding charges and unapplied payments.
    • Patient name, DOB, phone and address.
    • Click Total Account Balance to see an overview of charges and unapplied payments.
    • To view or print the Balance Details, click Print.
  2. Collect Payment:
    • By default, the Payment Amount field is populated with the Total Account Balance. If applicable, enter a different payment amount.
    • To enter additional details about the payment (e.g., date of service), click Add Payment Note. This note is only visible to the practice and does not print on the patient receipt.
  3. Payment Method:
    • By default, "Credit Card" is selected as the Payment Method. If applicable, select "Cash" or "Check" to record the payment.
    • To record a credit card payment that was processed outside of Tebra, click to select "Do not charge credit card. For recording purposes only.".
      Note: If this option is selected, the payment will not be processed through Tebra.
  4. Billing Address: By default, "Billing address is same as patient address" is selected. If necessary, click to clear to enter a different billing address.
  5. Card Details: This section is only available for Tebra Payments activated practices when a credit/debit card payment needs to be processed.
    • To use a saved card on file, click to select the card.
      • If the card's expiration date is within 30 days from the current date, an Expiring Soon message displays next to the card.
      • If the card's expiration date has passed, an Expired message displays next to the card.
    • To delete a saved card, click the trash icon. Then, click Delete in the confirmation pop-window to permanently remove the card on file.
    • To manually enter a card, click Enter a New Card.
      1. To save the new card on file, click to select "Save this card on file". For convenience, Tebra has provided a credit card authorization form that can be used to obtain authorization from the cardholder to save their card on file. To download the form, click Download the credit card authorization form for a template.
        Engage subscribers also have the option to send the Credit Card Authorization form to the patient.
      2. Enter the Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVV code.
        Note: If any of the card information needs to be corrected after it was entered, all card information fields will automatically clear for security purposes.
  6. Complete Payment: Options will vary based on the Payment Method selected.
    • Click Process Transaction to charge a card. The Receipt page opens.
    • Click Finalize Payment to record a payment. The Collect a Payment confirmation page opens.
      1. Review the details in the confirmation window. If applicable, click Back to return to the previous window and make changes.
      2. To generate a detailed receipt (e.g., for FSA/HSA patients), click to select "Create itemized receipt". Otherwise, a non-itemized receipt displays once the payment is submitted.
      3. Click Submit Payment. The Receipt page opens.

Payment Receipts

Provide the patient with a printed and/or emailed receipt. 

The receipt details the practice's information, payment information, a service breakdown when applicable, the patient's unapplied balance, and total account balance. Additionally, the receipt will indicate a card saved to file if a card was entered with the "Save this card on file" option selected.

Note: The payment processed through Tebra's Platform shows as an Unapplied Payment until it's applied to the patient's account in the Desktop Application (PM).

  1. If applicable, click to expand the Services Breakdown section to generate an itemized receipt.
  2. To print the receipt for the patient, click Print at the bottom of the window.
  3. To enter the patient's email address to receive a modified email receipt that only contains general information (e.g., payment confirmation number, date payment was processed, amount paid), click Email. Then, enter the email address and click Email Receipt
    Note: The full details of itemized and non-itemized receipts can only be printed and will not be sent via email.
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