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Anesthesia Services

Updated: 12/15/2020
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There are specific settings that must first be configured within the Contracts and Fees if you bill for anesthesia services. The appropriate Anesthesia Time Increment and Base Units values need to be set in order to correctly calculate charges on the encounter. 

Configure Contracts and Fees

  1. Click Settings > Contracts and Fees. The Contracts and Fees window opens at the Standard Fees tab by default and displays the list of standard fee schedules.
    • If configuring a payer contract, click the Contract Rates tab. The list of payer contracts display.
  2. Click on the standard fee schedule name or contract name that needs to be configured. The standard fee schedule or payer contract window opens.
    Tip_Icon.pngTip: When there are numerous listed, use the Status Filter to narrow the list and quickly find the desired fee schedule or payer contract.
  3. Click Modify Time Increment. The Anesthesia Time Increment section expands.
    Note: This option only displays when an anesthesia code is added to the fee schedule or contract.
  4. The Anesthesia Time Increment is set to 15 minutes by default. If necessary, enter a different time increment value. 
    Note: Refer to a CPT coding book for proper anesthesia minutes.
  5. The Base Units are set to 1 by default. If necessary, enter a different base unit(s) value.
  6. Click Save & Submit. A confirmation pop-up appears then click OK
  7. Click Back to return to the Standard Fees or Contract Rates list, or close the window if finished.

Enter Encounter Details

  1. Create or edit an encounter and enter all necessary information under the PatientsDates, Provider, and Payments sections. 
  2. Under the Procedures section, enter the anesthesia service line information.
    Note: Customize the Procedures section if any of the following columns need to be added. 
    1. Procedure: Enter the anesthesia code. 
      Note: The TOS must be set to 7-Anesthesia if a new anesthesia procedure code was created in Kareo. 
    2. Units: First auto-populates with the Base Units value set in the Contracts and Fees. Then, the units amount updates once the Start Time and End Time is entered.
    3. Enter the Start Time and End Time of the procedure. 
      Note: The Units amount updates to the Base Units value plus the Minutes value divided by the Anesthesia Time Increment value (set in the Contracts and Fees). e.g., 1 base unit + (60 minutes divided by 15 minutes) would be: 1 base unit + 4 = 5 Total Units
    4. Minutes: Auto-populates based on the Start Time and End Time entered.
  3. Continue with the encounter as necessary. 
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