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Insurance Company Practice Settings

Updated: 11/17/2020
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The Practice Settings of the insurance company allows you to select claims billing settings that are specific to the practice you are currently logged into and do not affect other practices (when there are multiple) within the Kareo account. 

Note: To set the enrollment status of electronic claims billing for the entire practice, go to the Electronic Claims Options.

Navigate to Practice Settings

  1. Click Settings > Insurance > Insurance Companies. The Insurance Companies window opens.
    Note: The Insurance Companies window is also known as the Enrollments Dashboard.
  2. Find the insurance company then click the insurance company name. The Edit Insurance Company window opens.
  3. Click the Practice Settings tab.

Practice Settings

  1. Select the appropriate practice settings for the insurance company. 
    1. Select the Enrollment Status in the drop-down menu.
      • Once this payer's Claims status shows as Approved on the Enrollments Dashboard, select Enrolled in live mode to allow electronic claims submission.
      • Not enrolled (by default) and all other statuses prevent electronic claims submission to this payer.
    2. Click to select or clear the selection for the following options as needed:
      • "Disable electronic claims for this payer" disables electronic claims submission to this payer.
      • "Use electronic billing when this payer is secondary" allows secondary electronic claims submission to this payer.
      • "Send Coordination of Benefits (COB) information" includes the COB information on secondary claims. 
      • "Provider accepts assignment of benefits" populates Box 27 of the CMS-1500 claim form and Loop 2300 CLM08 of the electronic claim.
      • "Exclude patient payments from claims sent to insurance" bills the total charge amount to the payer even if patient payments have been applied. This option populates Box 29 of the CMS-1500 claim form and Loop 2300 AMT02 of the electronic claim with $0.00. 
      • "Allow zero balance transfers on claims" transfers all line items of the claim including those with zero balances. 
    3. The ICD-10 Date is the payer's conversion date to ICD-10 coding.
      • If the payer is set up as a commercial payer, the date will be shaded and cannot be changed. 
  2. Click Save.
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