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Subscriber and Subscriber ID Mismatched

Updated: 12/15/2021
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Rejection Message

Subscriber and Subscriber ID mismatched

Rejection Details

This rejection has three possible causes:

  • The claim was submitted to the incorrect payer ID.
    Note: This is the most likely cause if this rejection was received on claims for multiple patients.
  • The patient’s demographics or insurance policy information included on the claim was not eligible for the date of service billed.
  • The patient is a newborn or recently added to the subscriber’s insurance policy.


Resolution steps vary depending on the cause:

  • If the claim is submitted to the incorrect payer ID, verify and edit the payer ID.
  • If the patient demographics or policy information is incorrect, verify the patient's eligibility.
  • If the patient is a newborn or recently added to the subscriber’s insurance policy, contact the payer directly to verify the patient is active under the policy.

Once all corrective actions are completed, rebill and resubmit the affected claims.