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Messages Settings

Updated: 12/08/2023|Views: 3327

The Message Center allows users within a practice to communicate with each other and to receive and reply to Patient Portal messages. Each user can configure their message settings to choose whether they want to view Patient Portal messages in their inbox in the Message Center, patient messages to the practice (if applicable), and if they want to be notified via email every time a new message is received.

You always navigate to the Messages window to make changes to the Messages Settings.

Configure Messages Settings

  1. Navigate to View Messages. The Messages window also known as the Message Center opens.
  2. Click Settings. The Messages Settings window opens.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the following options.
    • Patient Portal: Enabled by default and displays Patient Portal in My Inbox.
      • To disable this option, click to clear the selection. Messages will continue to be accessible through the provider's Portal.
    • Location Related: Option availability is based on assigned web user roles. By default, this option is disabled for users with the Provider and Clinical Assistant roles to view patient messages to the practice in the Location Inbox. New patient messages to the practice are sent to the Hidden folder and can be viewed by providers and clinical assistants without enabling this option. Users with the Office Staff role can view all patient messages to the practice in the Location Inbox.
      • To enable this option for providers and clinical assistants to receive new patient messages to the practice in the Location Inbox moving forward, click to select this option. Existing messages remain in the Hidden folder until the patient sends a new message to the practice. Then, the entire conversation with the patient will move to the Location Inbox.
      • To disable this option and all other front office messages for an office staff user, a System Administrator must remove the Office Staff role from the user's assigned web user roles.
    • Notifications: Disabled by default. To enable this option and receive email alerts for every new message, click to select this option.
  4. Click Save.


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