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Patient Experience: Patient Intake Email and Text Invite

Updated: 03/29/2024|Views: 3335

When the front office sends the intake forms to a patient, patients receives an email and/or text with a link to the intake forms.

The form is responsive-- allowing patients to fill out their intake forms on a computer or on their smartphones and tablets. The complete forms can be reviewed by the practice and merged into a patient's chart. When available, providers can then review the submitted medical history and screening tools.

The link expires when one of the following occurs:

  • At midnight past the appointment date
  • When a patient appointment is moved to the Finished tab
  • Patient's primary email is updated in the patient's account. If a patient has an active intake, a new intake email and link will be sent to the patient. The old link will expire.

Available for Engage subscribers.

Patient Intake Email

The patient clicks Get Started to launch the Patient Intake Form.


Patient Intake Text

The patient taps on the link to launch the Patient Intake Form.

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