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Navigate Tebra Payments Terminal Settings

Updated: 06/19/2024|Views: 88

For Tebra Payments activated practices, the Terminal Settings page allows System Administrators to order a Terminal Point of Sale device, view, and manage paired devices.

Access Tebra Payments

  1. Hover over the User icon and click on Practice Settings . The Practice Settings page opens.
  2. Click Tebra Payments. Additional setting options expands.
  3. Terminal Settings. The Terminal Settings page opens.

Navigate Terminal Settings

These settings are only available after Tebra Payments is activated for the practice.

  • If the practice has not paired a terminal device, a System Administrator has the option to purchase or pair a device.
    1. Pair New Device: Click to pair the terminal device to start collecting payments. 
    2. Order New Device: Click to purchase a new terminal.
  • If the practice has paired terminals, the Paired Devices list displays.
    1. Order: Click to purchase a new terminal.
    2. Pair: Click to pair the terminal device to start collecting payments. 
    3. Device: Click the device name to display the Device ID, Serial Number, Model Number, and the option to delete the terminal device.
      • Device Status: A green dot indicates the terminal is online and ready to use. A gray dot indicates the terminal is paired, but may not be online or powered on.
        Note: The status is not always updated in real time.
      • Delete Device: Click Remove. Then, click Remove Device on the confirmation pop-up window.
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