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Invoicing FAQs

Updated: 06/26/2023|Views: 2840

Answers to the most common invoicing questions.

Question Answer
How is my invoice delivered? Invoices are sent to the billing contact email on file for your account starting on the evening of the 1st of every month.

System Administrators can change the recipient by updating the Email under the Billing Address section in Manage Profile through My Account.
Why does the invoice amount not match the initial price quote? Subscription fees are billed monthly in advance. A pro-rated fee in arrears will be billed based on the date of activation in addition to the monthly fee.
Why are invoices issued prior to completing set up? Based on the activation date, purchased services and products, you may receive an invoice before you have completed the setup.
Why doesn't the credit I was issued appear on my invoice? Credits do not appear on invoices. Credits are applied to current and future balances prior to a payment being processed.
How can I change the billing or payment information on my invoice? System Administrators can change billing and payment information through My Account.
How can I change the invoice recipient? System Administrators can change the recipient by updating the Email under the Billing Address section in Manage Profile through My Account.
How do I add or update a credit card or direct debit account? System Administrators can Change Payment Information through My Account.
How can I view a monthly summary of my account that includes the amount of providers, clearinghouse transactions, patient statements, and document storage? To view this information, you can run a Customer Account Summary report in the Desktop Application (PM).
Why are you charging sales tax? On June 21, 2018, the United States Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc., et al, that states can require out-of-state sellers to collect and remit sales tax on sales to in-state consumers even if the seller has no physical presence in the consumer’s state. In addition, many states have ruled that software as a service (SAAS) is taxable. In certain jurisdictions, Tebra is required to charge tax on our services to comply with state and local laws. This is based on your billing address.  When applicable, these taxes are collected by Tebra and then remitted to the jurisdiction that is assessing the tax.
Do my monthly fees include sales tax? The contracted/advertised price does not include sales tax. If sales tax applies, it is stated separately on your monthly invoice. 
Which states require sales tax and how are rates determined? Sales tax rates are based on the billing address provided. Tax rates vary by county, city, or state, and are based on the rates applicable at the time of your monthly charge. These amounts can change over time with city, county, or state tax requirements. 

The following states require sales tax. Click on the link to visit the state's website for additional information. 
How can I change the billing address? System Administrators can change the address under the Billing Address section in Manage Profile through My Account.
How do I submit my tax exemption information? If you qualify as a tax-exempt organization, create a case and attach a copy of the Sales Tax Exemption Certificate.
What happens if sales tax becomes required in my location? If Tebra is required to add sales tax for your location, the change is made on your account automatically and reflects on your invoice.
Where can I obtain additional information about my state's tax policies? For additional information about sales tax in your state you can visit your state’s Department of Revenue website or consult with your tax advisor.
How do I contact the Accounting team? Contact Customer Care for assistance. Use your Account ID Number, Invoice Number, Case Number, and/or User Account to identify your account as necessary.