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Schedule Follow-Up Appointment

Updated: 09/23/2023|Views: 3569

Once a patient has been checked out, a follow-up visit is easily scheduled from the Dashboard.

Access Appointment

  1. From the Finished tab, click on the appointment to view the Appointment Card.
  2. Click More Options and select Schedule Follow-up. The Calendar opens.

Schedule Follow-up Appointment

  1. Select an active provider, a staff member, or an equipment the Provider/Resource drop-down list.
  2. Navigate to the desired week.
    • Click the back or forward button to navigate to a previous or next week.
    • Click the calendar icon to select a specific week.
    • Click Current Week to navigate back to the current week.
  3. Double click in the appointment time slot. The New Appointment page opens with fields auto-populated from the previous appointment.
  1. If applicable, select a Service Location.
  2. Make necessary changes to the Details, Resources, or Billing Details sections.
  3. Click Save Appointment when finished.
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