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Stripe and Patient Payments FAQs

Updated: 12/21/2023|Views: 33096

Answers to the most common Stripe and patient payment questions. 

Stripe User Account Information

Question Answer
How do I see my transaction history in Stripe? The Stripe Dashboard provides useful at-a-glance information about the activity on your account. Use the email and password entered during sign-up to access the Stripe Dashboard via:

How can I change the email address that email notifications (e.g., account and payment related emails) from Stripe are sent to?


Account related emails must go to the owner listed for the Stripe account. Payment related emails can be sent to additional recipients once they are added as a team member with the appropriate email notification settings.

Resource: Change the email address for Stripe notifications

How can I change the email address associated with my Stripe account?

The email address can be updated under your profile settings in Stripe. 

Resource: Change the Stripe profile email address

After processing a patient payment, how long will it take before I see this within my bank account?

When you start processing payments, you will not receive your first Stripe deposit (payout) until 7–10 days after your first successful payment is received. Then, subsequent payouts are processed according to your account’s payout schedule.


How do I search for a payment within Stripe?

You can perform payment searches within the Stripe Dashboard. You can use the Dashboard Search to not only search for transactions, but to also directly navigate to different sections in the Dashboard. 

Resource: Performing Searches in the Stripe Dashboard

Can I change how often I get a deposit from Stripe?

By default, Stripe automatically creates payouts of your available account balance based on the schedule specified in the Dashboard. Payouts are made daily and contain payments processed two business days prior.

If you would prefer to receive payouts on a fixed schedule, you can choose to have them sent either weekly or monthly in your account’s payout settings.


Am I going to receive tax forms from Stripe?


Every year, the United States Internal Revenue Service requires that Stripe provide a a 1099-K form for each account that meets all of the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

  • Account is based in the United States (Owners do not need to be US citizens)
  • More than $20,000 USD in total gross volume
  • More than 200 charges

The 1099-K is a purely informational form that summarizes the sales activity of your account and is designed to assist you in reporting your taxes. It is provided to you and to the IRS, as well as some US States.

Resource: 1099-K Tax Forms Issued by Stripe

How do I reach Stripe Support?

Stripe support is available for users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resource: Stripe Support Contact Information

Are there categories of businesses and business practices restricted from using the Stripe service?


Yes. There are specific categories such as online pharmacies, prescription-only products including card-not-present pharmaceuticals, cannabis related practices/consultations, and products and services with varying legal status on a state-by-state basis that may be restricted. Refer to Stripe's resource below and for further questions, contact Stripe Support.

Resource: Stripe Restricted Businesses

Does Stripe support telemedicine providers? Yes. Stripe supports telemedicine providers with the exception of those that sell pharmaceuticals.
Is the Stripe service available in the outlying US territories (e.g., US Virgin Islands, Guam)? No. A business must be located in the 50 states, Washington, D.C., or Puerto Rico to sign up with Stripe as a US business. Businesses based in the US Virgin Islands or any other US territory or possession are not currently supported.
Resource: Stripe Availability for Outlying Territories of Supported Countries
I have an existing Stripe account with another Stripe partner. Can I use the same Stripe account with Tebra instead of creating a new one? An existing Stripe account can be used if it is a Standard Stripe account using Connect. Instead of creating a new account by completing the Stripe form, sign into the existing Stripe account through the web platform or Desktop Application (PM) during the payments setup to authorize the connection. 

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Stripe Payments in the Web Platform and Desktop Application (PM)

Question Answer
How much does it cost per transaction? Refer to Pricing under the Stripe Payment Credit Card Services section of the Pricing Policy.
Can I take payments over the phone? Yes. Payments can be taken over the phone. 
What is "Card on File"? "Card on File" is typically used to describe a payment arrangement that does not require the physical presence of the cardholder and their signature. 
Does the patient have to sign something to charge their credit card when they are not present? Yes. You need the cardholder's written permission to process payments with the card on file when they are not present. The Card on File: Authorization Form template can be used for this type of agreementEngage subscribers can send a Credit Card Authorization form through the Patient Intake workflow.

How do I save a card on file without charging the patient?


A credit card can be saved through the patient's Account tab in the web platform

Resource: Add Patient Payment Card

How do I process a credit card while using the web platform? Resource: Collect Patient Payment (Stripe)
How do I process a credit card while using the Desktop Application (PM)? Resource: Patient Collect (Stripe): Collect Patient Payment

How do I process a credit card payment from an insurance company using Stripe?


Stripe is only used for patient payments as the processed payment links to a patient's record in the Desktop Application (PM). Stripe also charges a fee for processing the transaction, so it is not recommended to use Stripe to process credit card payments from an insurance company.

Reach out to the insurance company and inquire if the payment can be distributed by a different method or reach out to your bank to see if they can process this directly.

How can I tell if a payment is from Stripe in the Desktop Application (PM)?


To identify a payment from Stripe, confirm the Method and Authorization number found when viewing a payment under Encounters Find Payments.

The characteristics of a Stripe payment:

  • Method is 3 - Credit Card and shaded
  • Authorization number starts with "ch..." and is a hyperlink

The Authorization number hyperlink takes you to the Transaction Information (e.g., Processed date and time, Transaction ID).

How can I delete a patient's credit card on file or edit the credit card details?


A credit card saved in the patient's record can be deleted or edited through the patient's Account tab in the web platform

Resource: Delete Payment Card

Can I put a patient on a payment plan using Stripe? No. The option to place a patient on a payment plan is not available through the Tebra integration with Stripe.

Will I receive a free credit card reader from Stripe?

A credit card reader is not included, but the following solution is available for purchase.

How can I prevent my patients from using the pay online link on the patient statement?


Currently, there is no setting in the Desktop Application (PM) or web platform which would prevent this link from appearing on patient statements.

As a best practice, we recommend a Global Message be added to patient statements requesting payments be made in-office.

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Refunds, Declines, and Disputes

Question Answer

Why did the credit card payment decline or fail?


The reason for a payment’s failure is provided within the payment’s details in the Stripe Dashboard. 
Note: In Tebra, if a payment failed, it says "This Transaction Could Not Be Processed" or "Unable to Make Saved Card Payment...".

If the reason is not clear and all of the card information seems correct, it is best to have the cardholder contact their card issuer (issuing bank) for more information. For privacy and security, the card issuer (issuing bank) can only discuss the specifics with their cardholder.


How can I process a refund?


You can refund non-disputed payments directly from the Stripe Dashboard.

Resource: Issue a Stripe Refund

Note: Once the Stripe refund is completed, issue a refund in the Desktop Application (PM).

Can I delete or void a credit card payment in Stripe?


No. Payments can only be refunded in Stripe.

Resource: Issue a Stripe Refund

I just received a notification from Stripe about a disputed charge. What now?


When Stripe receives a notification of the disputed charge, they will send the account owner an email with the details (also available in the Stripe Dashboard). The disputed payment amount and dispute fee is deducted from your Stripe account balance. 

There is a dispute resolution process through which you can respond and submit evidence that the payment was valid or work with the customer to withdraw the dispute.

Resource: Disputed Charge (Chargeback)

I have questions or concerns regarding transactions within Stripe. Who should I reach out to?


If you have inquiries regarding:

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Question Answer

Funds are being deposited into the wrong bank account. These should be going to a provider's bank account from another practice.

For Tebra customers who have multiple practices within their account, a best practice is to completely log out of Stripe before running a credit card for another provider. This ensures that you are logged into the correct account.

If funds have already been sent to another provider's account, either refund the payment from one account and charge the patient's card from the correct account or contact Stripe Support for further assistance.

What happens if I am not receiving funds into my bank account? Where are those payments going?

If Stripe payout funds are not being received into your bank account:

  • The bank account information may be incorrect (e.g., a typo in the account number).
    In Stripe, click Settings on the left menu > Under the Business settings section, click Bank accounts and scheduling and confirm the bank account information is correct. 
  • The payout may have failed. If your bank account cannot receive a payout for any reason, the send the funds back and notify Stripe of the failure (takes up to five business days). Then, Stripe notifies you by email and within the Stripe Dashboard.
    Once you receive notification from Stripe, you need to re-enter your bank account information. Then, Stripe attempts to perform the payout again at the next scheduled payout interval.